Excavator Bucket Teeth, Excavator Adapter Manufacturer in China

We is an excavator attachment manufacturer in China, founded in 2001. Our excavator attachments mainly include our excavator bucket teeth, excavator adapter, excavator pin and washer, and excavator side cutter. They are ideal for use on Komatsu, Caterpillar, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, JCB, Hitachi, and Liebherr brand excavators and related engineering vehicles. In addition to excavator bucket teeth, we can also offer wheel loader bucket teeth.

  • Komatsu Excavator Bucket Teeth
  • Komatsu Excavator Bucket Teeth The Komatsu excavator bucket teeth are newly designed and are divided into different models to satisfy customers' application demands. They are originally designed for various models of Komatsu excavators, including pc200, pc200, pc300, pc400 and more.
    Komatsu excavator bucket teeth are in popular khaki color. Coated with stoving varnish, they could withstand higher abrasion and look more attractive. Komatsu excavator bucket tooth offers superior wearing resistance ...
  • Caterpillar Excavator Bucket Teeth
  • Caterpillar Excavator Bucket Teeth Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth are made of casting alloy steel. By precision casting and using quality raw material, they offer high abrasion resistance and high durability. The Caterpillar excavator bucket tooth is in brownish yellow or khaki color. With stoving varnish and other surface treatment, the bucket teeth surface is smooth and aesthetical. We utilize hardness tester and tension tester to detect the mechanical properties and ensure the long operational life of our Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth...
  • Daewoo Excavator Bucket Teeth
  • Daewoo Excavator Bucket Teeth Daewoo excavator bucket teeth are made of manganese alloy steel to offer better abrasion resistance and malleability. With stoving varnish, Daewoo excavator bucket teeth have a smooth and uniformly coated surface in khaki color. Matching with the convex design on Daewoo excavator bucket adapter, a concave opening was designed at the rear end of the bucket teeth. This design makes bucket teeth much more stable during operation...
  • Komatsu Excavator Adapter
  • Komatsu Excavator Adapter The Komatsu excavator adapter has an opening with size varying from 3cm to 8cm according to the size of excavator bucket. The opening size should be a little bit larger than the bucket bottom board thickness, so the adapter and bucket could be welded together firmly. There is a hole on Komatsu excavator adapter. The hole is designed to put a pin in to combine the bucket adapter with the bucket tooth, thus ensuring firm fixation of bucket attachments. ..
  • Komatsu Excavator Pin, Washer
  • Komatsu Excavator Pin, WasherKomatsu excavator pin is used for fastening bucket tooth and adapter together with the help of excavator washer. The excavator bucket pin passes through the hole on excavator adapter and bucket tooth, and the excavator washer functions to lock the bucket pin.
    Komatsu excavator bucket pin and excavator washer are made of special material and made using forging technology. They will not break off or deformed easily, thus ensuring long service life and reliable performance.
  • Daewoo Excavator Side Cutter
  • Daewoo Excavator Side Cutter Daewoo excavator side cutter is widely used for protecting the left and right upper sides of an excavator bucket from wearing and severe damage. To achieve good bucket protection function, it is designed with good performance in anti-wearing. Daewoo excavator side cutter could be fixed firmly on the sides of an excavator bucket with threaded bolts. In the shape of a sector, Daewoo excavator side cutter has a large area. It can even increase the capacity of an excavator bucket and help prevent materials in bucket from scattering...

We, established in 2011, is a professional manufacturer of excavator bucket teeth, excavator adapter, excavator pin, excavator washer, excavator side cutter, and other casting products. Located in the , we are near 206 National Highway, and adjacent to Provincial Highway 335, Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway second level transfer station to the north, and Rizhao-Dongming highway to the south. Convenient transportation and a beautiful environment make our company ideal for investors.

We produce various models of bucket parts for excavators of Komatsu, Carter, Kobelco, Daewoo, Hyundai, Volvo, V series, Hitachi, JCB, Liebherr, SEM, LIUGONG, and so on, with mechanical processing equipment such as our single station shell core machine, dual-station shell core machine, core shooter, high temperature electric furnace, tempering furnace, etc. To test and control quality, we have an advanced A4 Tasman material detection device that is imported from Germany and specializes in material physicochemical analysis.

To improve the design and quality of our products, we keep on innovating and learning at the same time. With 3 years of unremitting efforts, in 2004, our volume of production showed tremendous growth. Then we sought to create our own SD brand. Five years later, our company achieved the goal of making a SD brand known in the domestic market, network market, and international market. With excellent quality, advanced equipment and the best service, our company is very competitive in these markets. More »